About Us

NT Solutions is one of the few IT system integration, professional service and software development companies in South Sudan Established in 17, November, 2017. That works with Enterprise systems and companies. As a privately owned company NT Solutions provides IT Consultancy, software design and development as well as professional services and hardware deployment and maintenance.

Is to build the trustworthy and profitable global IT Company providing our customers with high quality software and services.
NT Solutions is a leading IT company for Consulting Services and Deployment of best of breed Business Solutions to top tier domestic and international customers.

Technology to shape the future:
Technology and business are tightly interrelated worlds that undergo constant transformation.
Yet, they still remain very close to each other, both on the local and global level. What makes this bond so strong and durable? The answer is simple. People and their needs are the main link. Contemporary business operates in a highly competitive environment. NT’s primary goal is to provide software solutions that satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. Each
and every day, we focus all our efforts on people and their rising expectations in this dynamically changing world.
We believe that by developing modern, advanced IT solutions, and acting together with our clients, we can significantly improve the quality of life for many people. We take advantage of our expertise and experience to create technologies that can really affect the present day and shape the future.