IT Consultancy

NT Solutions provides consulting services which include Analysis, Design and Custom functionality specification of the customer’s business processes and requirements. Our consultants are senior level system consultants with significant industry knowledge and experience in implementing Dynamics System. Our history includes working on many projects, centered on both management and support of revenue growth and industry development.

Our company has strong development team with full time employees responsible for Dynamics system development and deployment. The team is recently enlarged with few young but experienced Dynamics system experts and knowledgeable IT professionals. Our developers employ best practices to develop, operate and maintain reliable and efficient systems in order to
full fill the gaps, rich the functional requirements of the desired solutions, improve performance and business processes, and reduce solutions life cycle costs. NT Solutions qualified staff is performing full support and maintenance of the Dynamics systems. Our support is focused into high-quality, cost-effective resources through secure offshore facilities with a range of software maintenance and support services to cater for customers’ requirements.